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2020 PhD Student Workshop in Urban Economics

September 10 - 12, 2020

The UEA PhD Student Workshop is an online workshop designed for advanced PhD students with an interest in urban economics including inter alia housing, real estate, transportation, local public good provision, the spatial distribution of activities, economic geography, and urban or regional policy. The objective of the workshop is to allow students to present their own research and discuss their work with junior and senior faculty working at the forefront of research in this area. The workshop will run for three days with three to four students presenting on each day and further time for group discussions of research ideas. This workshop complements the Lectures on Urban Economics running in June and July 2020.


We invite applications from advanced PhD students with interests that are related to urban economics who already have a completed paper. Places in the workshop will be limited to enable an informal and interactive workshop. Participants are expected to attend all three days in full.

Application Procedure

To apply you need to submit your CV, a current research paper and ask your faculty advisors to send a short note in support of your participation. Further details about how to apply for the workshop will be emailed to everyone subscribed to the Lectures on Urban Economics that will run in June and July 2020.

Scientific Committee

Gabriel Ahlfeldt (London School of Economics), Milena Almagro (Minneapolis Fed and Chicago Booth), Clare Balboni (MIT), Nate Baum-Snow (University of Toronto), Adrien Bilal (Chicago and Harvard), Donald Davis (Columbia University), Jonathan Dingel (Chicago Booth), Fabian Eckert (Princeton and UCSD), Cecile Gaubert (Berkeley), Thomas J. Holmes (University of Minnesota), Gabriel Kreindler (Harvard), Miren Lafourcade (Université Paris-Saclay), Diana Van Patten (Princeton and Yale SOM), Dávid Krisztián Nágy (CREI & Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Marta Santamaria (Warwick), Kurt Schmidheiny (University of Basel), Daniel Sturm (London School of Economics), Clemence Tricaud (UCLA Anderson), Nick Tsivanidis (Berkeley Haas), Matthew Turner (Brown University), Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal (Universitat de Barcelona), Conor Walsh (Princeton and Columbia Business School).