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Name Affiliation Country
D'Costa, Sabine University of Westminster United Kingdom
Da Mata, Daniel Sao Paulo School of Economics Brazil
Dachis, Benjamin C.D. Howe Institute Canada
Dadson, J Nicholas Simon Fraser University Canada
Dahlberg, Matz Uppsala University Sweden
DALMAZZO, Alberto Dept of Economics - University of Siena - Siena Italy
Dalton, Maurice Tufts University USA
Daniele, Federica Universitat Pompeu Fabra Spain
Dascher, Kristof European University Viadrina Germany
Dauth, Wolfgang University of Wuerzburg and IAB Germany
David, Quentin Universite de Lille France
Davidoff, Thomas University of British Columbia Canada
Davids, Allan University of Cape Town South Africa
Davis, Donald Columbia University Department of Economics USA
Davis, James US Census Bureau USA
Davis, Morris Rutgers University USA
De Sarkar, Sayan State University of New York at Buffalo U.S.A
de Bartolome, Charles University of Colorado USA
de Blasio, Guido Bank of Italy Italy
de Falco, Stefano University of Naples Federico II/ AICYY (Italian Association for Technology Transfer Culture promotion) Italy
de Graaff, Thomas VU University Amsterdam The Netherlands
De la Roca, Jorge University of Southern California USA
de Noronha Vaz, Eric Universidade do Algarve Portugal
de Palma, André Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan France
de Weerd-Wilson, Donna Elsevier Netherlands
DeFusco, Anthony Northwestern University United States
Dehring, Carolyn University of Georgia USA
Del Gatto, Massimo "G. d'Annunzio" University, Chieti-Pescara Italy
Delaprez, Yann Paris School of Economics France
Delgado, Mercedes Temple University, Fox School USA
Delgado, Mercedes Harvard Business School USA
Delloye, Justin Luxembourg Institute of Socio Economic Research (LISER) Luxembourg
Demeke, Bayou United States Environmental Protection Agency USA
Demirel, Erhan VU University, Amsterdam The Netherlands
Denti, Daria Gran Sasso Science Institute Italy
Desmet, Klaus Universidad Carlos III and CEPR Spain
Devine, Theresa J (Terri) University of Rhode Island United States
DeWitt, Cassandra University of Michigan USA
Di Addario, Sabrina Bank of Italy Italy
Di Song, Tan London School of Economics UK
Diaz, Ana Maria Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Colombia
Diaz, Carlos Catholic University of Uruguay Uruguay
Dick, Astrid INSEAD France
Dickson, Joseph Tufts University USA
Dienesch, Elisa Sciences Po Aix France
Ding, Chengri University of Maryland USA
Ding, Xiaozhou Dickinson College USA
Dingel, Jonathan University of Chicago Booth School of Business USA
Doerner, William Federal Housing Finance Agency USA
Doleac, Jennifer University of Virginia United States
Donaldson, Dave MIT USA
Dorner, Matthias Institute for Employment Research Germany
Doser, Alex Northwestern University United States
Dosi, Giovanni Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies Italy
Dowling, Jakob Arizona State University USA
Drabo, Manasse Josephson UQAM Canada
Droes, Martijn University of Amsterdam & VU University Amsterdam Netherlands
Düben, Christian Hamburg University Germany
Dubin, Robin Case Western Reserve University USA
Dujardin, Claire IWEPS Belgium
Duncan, Kevin United States
Duranton, Gilles University of Pennsylvania United States
Dutta, Ranjan Jyoti UMTC (IL&FS) India
Dutta, Venkatesh SES, BBAU India
Dyason, David North-West University South Africa

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