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Name Affiliation Country
Faber, Benjamin London School of Economics UK
Faber, Marius University of Basel Switzerland
Faberman, Jason Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago USA
Faggio, Giulia SERC and LSE United Kingdom
Fagiolo, Giorgio Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies Italy
Falck, Oliver Ifo Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich Germany
Fan, Jingting University of Maryland United States
Fang, Li University of Maryland, College Park United States
Fang, Wanli World Bank Group USA
Farchy, Emily Oxford UK
Farmer, Michael Texas Tech University USA
Federico, Stefano Banca d'Italia Italy
Feler, Leo Johns Hopkins University SAIS USA
Feng, Zifeng Frostburg State University United States
Fenge, Robert Universität Rostock Germany
Ferguson, Pete University College London UK
Ferreira, Fernando Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania US
Ferreira, Joao-Pedro Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra Portugal
Ferreira Neto, Amir Florida Gulf Coast University USA
Ferrer, Rosa Universitat Pompeu Fabra Spain
Ferreyra, Maria The World Bank USA
Fesselmeyer, Eric Monmouth University United States
Fieger, Peter University of New England Australia
Figueiredo, Octavio Universidade do Porto Portugal
Fillat, Jose Federal Reserve Bank of Boston USA
Fingleton, Bernard University of Cambridge UK
Fischer, Lorenz Benedikt Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria
Fisher, Jonas Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago USA
Fisher, Lynn MIT USA
Fitawok, Melaku B. Ghent University Belgium
Fitzner, Grant Dept for Communities and Local Government UK
Fleck, Johannes European University Institute Italy
Fleurimond, Vladimir Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis USA
Florax, Raymond Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University USA
Foote, Christopher Federal Reserve Bank of Boston USA
Fosgerau, Mogens University of Copenhagen Denmark
Fotouhi Mehrabani, Bagher University of Tehran Iran
Foulis, Angus Bank of England UK
Franco, Sofia F. Nova School of Business and Economics Portugal
Fratesi, Ugo Politecnico di Milano Italy
Fratto, Chiara University of Chicago USA
Fredriksson, Peter Stockholm University Sweden
Freedman, Matthew UC Irvine USA
Freire, Maria University of Carlifornia, Berkeley; Johns Hopkins Univesity USA
Frye, Dustin Vassar College United States
Fu, Shihe Southwestern University of Finance and Economics China
Fu, Yuming National University of Singapore Singapore
Fuerst, Franz University of Cambridge United Kingdom
Fujishima, Shota University of Tokyo Japan
Fujita, Masahisha Konan University Japan
Furtado, Delia University of Connecticut USA
Fuster, Andreas Federal Reserve Bank of New York USA
Fuster, Antonio University of Alicante Spain

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