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Name Affiliation Country
Rahman Shaik, Dr. Mansoor Rayalaseema University, Kurnool India
Ramachandran, Bharathi London South Bank University UK
Ramboer, Sander VATT Institute for Economic Research Finland
Ramirez-Rodriguez, Baruch University of East Anglia UK
Ramrattan, Lall UC Berkeley Extension USA
Ransom, Michael R Brigham Young University United States
Rappaport, Jordan Federal Feserve Bank of Kansas City USA
Raspe, Otto Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency The Netherlands
Rattso, Jorn Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
Rauch, Ferdinand Oxford UK
Ravazzoli, Elisa University of Bologna Italy
Ray, Mona Morehouse college USA
Redding, Stephen Princeton University USA
Reddy, Aarti PhD Student at American University United States/India
Redfearn, Christian University of Southern California USA
Regnier, Camille Institut national de la recherche agronomique, Dijon, France France
Regnier, Camille INRA UMR CESAER France
Rehák, Štefan University of Economics in Bratislava Slovak Republic
Rehman, Abid National University of Sciences and Technology Pakistan
Reilly, Michael Metropolitan Transportation Commission USA
Ren, Guang Jie IBM Research USA
Rephann, Terance University of Virginia United States of America
Reynolds, Curtis Kent State University USA
Reynolds-Feighan, Aisling University College Dublin Ireland
Rezki, Jahen The University of York United Kingdom
Rhee, Hyok-Joo Seoul National University of Science and Technology South Korea
Rhee, Serena University of Hawaii at Manoa United States
Ribas, Rafael University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Richards, Dan Tufts University USA
Richter, Felix Deutschland
Rickman, Dan Oklahoma State University USA
Rincke, Johannes University of Erlangen-Nürnberg Germany
Riou, Stéphane Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne France
Rivera Rodas, Elizabeth Montclair State University United States
Robert-Nicoud, Frédéric Geneva School of Economics and Management Switzerland
Roberts, Mark World Bank United States
Robles, Barbara Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System United States
Rochford, Jason The New School USA
Rodella, Aude-Sophie World Bank United States
Roed Larsen, Erling BI Norwegian Business School Norway
Roedl C. v. Widdern, Tobias TU Dortmund University Germany
Roeper, Timothy New York University United States
Rohlin, Shawn Syracuse University, Center for Policy Research USA
Rolheiser, Lyndsey MIT Department of Urban Studies USA
Roller, Marcus CRED University of Bern Switzerland
Romem, Issi BuildZoom (+ UC Berkeley) USA
Rosenbaum, Ted Federal Trade Commission United States
Rosenfeld, Martin T.W. The Halle Institute for Economic Research - IWH Germany
Rosenthal, Stuart Syracuse University USA
Ross, Amanda West Virginia University USA
Ross, Matthew New York University, Center for Urban Science + Progress USA
Ross, Stephen L University of Connecticut USA
Rossen, Anja Institute for Employment Research (IAB) Germany
Rossi-Hansberg, Esteban Princeton University USA
Rotger, Gabriel The Danish National Centre for Social Research Danmark
Roth, Duncan Institute for Employment Research Germany
Rouwendal, Jan VU University Netherlands
Roux, Sébastien Centre de Recherche en Economie et Statistique France
Rovolis, Antonios Panteion University of Athens Greece
ROY, ANIL CEPT University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
Roy, Devesh International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) USA
Royo Olid, Jaime University of Cambridge United Kingdom
Royuela, Vicente Universidad de Barcelona, AQR-IREA Spain
Rua, Gisela Federal Reserve Board USA
Ruiz, Andrea Cristina Port Authority of New York and New Jersey United States
Russek, Stephan Passau University Germany
Russell, Lauren Harvard University United States
Russo, Antonio ETH Zurich Switzerland
Rzeznik, Aleksandra Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien Austria

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